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  1. And now the fun begins

    Today marked the last day of my “work” here at SXSW and now it’s play time. It’s only been two days of the conference, but it seems like I’ve already done a week’s worth of stuff. My two sessions both went extremely well from my perspective and the feedback I’ve received has also been very good so far.

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  2. Heading South

    Tomorrow morning I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to SXSW (a.k.a. geek camp). In between catching up with friends, drinking, and checking out some of the excellent panels, I will be co-presenting two 25-minute “power sessions,” a new format for the conference.

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  3. e-Voting comes to CT

    Here in Connecticut, the Secretary of State is getting ready to purchase new computerized voting machines and is doing an exhibition of the different options throughout the state's five Congressional Districts. As computerized voting is such a hot topic right now, I highly recommend anyone and everyone who lives in my state go to one of the exhibitions and offer some sort of public comment.

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