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  1. Now hear this

    In case you missed the real thing, you can now listen to the podcast of How to Bluff Your Way in DOM Scripting, the presentation international male model Jeremy Keith and I gave at SXSW this year.

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  2. Jeremy Keith and Me

    It managed to sneak past me for a few days, but my recent interview with Jeremy Keith has made its way into the latest issue of Digital Web Magazine. In the interview we cover the impetus behind his new book, WaSP's DOM Scripting Task Force, and Jeremy's future as a rockstar.

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  3. Adding more to my plate

    It's funny, but the more I take on, the more zen I get about work. Perhaps it's the recent addition of a daily trek to the gym in the wee hours of the morning which is getting my day off to a better start. Or maybe it's the Pragmatic philosophy which is beginning to take hold since finishing The Pragmatic Programmer and starting Agile Web Development with Rails. Who knows, but I am thankful for the calm.

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