What Do You Look For in an Browser-based Rich Text Editor?

As a content-focused web development firm, we’re frequently called on to design and build content management systems for our clients. More often than not, that involves using some form of in-browser rich text editor (RTE) to more easily allow users to add and edit content. Over the years we’ve used a number of different scripts and libraries to do this—everything from TinyMCE and CK Editor to our own home-grown solutions. The thing is that we’ve never felt 100% happy with any software we’ve used.

Before we begin yet another project that will involve a RTE (possibly one we roll ourselves), we thought it might be good to ask around to get some feedback from you and/or your clients. We’ve put together two short surveys—one aimed at developers, the other at authors/content folks—to help us better understand what you do with RTEs and what your preferences are with respect to their overall user interface.

If you have 5 minutes (and we promise that’s all it will take), we’d love for you to take one of the following two surveys:

Thanks in advance for your help. When we finish with the survey, we’ll be happy to share the findings.

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