Charter For Compassion

Our latest project, launched November 12, was the Charter For Compassion. The “Collective,” the Flash component I built, is a growing list of compassionate acts done by people all over the globe.

Over 30,000 people signed up in a week and the collective is growing. The challenges for this Flash project were multi lingual capabilities and the management of infinite data, visualized in a space governed by physics and chock full of user interaction. Each act is like a mini bio, complete with image, video, text, links, buttons etc. Far too much just to load in at once and throw around. I devised a system of progressively loading in chunks, left and right, so the user could move in a linear or non linear fashion through the collective. All the while, maintaining a physical position within the data. The collective can also be launched from an entry point via sharing on numerous networks and thus be capable of non linear progression, etc.

So visit the site, sign up and try it out. Here is a link to a spot on the BBC world news with Karen Armstrong talking about the Charter.

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