WebVisions wrapped

I just wrapped my presentation at WebVisions and have posted the slides for my talk, titled “Learning to Love Forms,” up on SlideShare. I have also embedded them below (though the formatting is a bit off on some of the longer sidebars).

I’d like to thank everyone who attended and especially those who asked the challenging questions. Hopefully this was a good start to my campaign for getting people to embrace forms instead of running from them.

For those of you who couldn’t attend, enjoy the slides. I will post the audio for the session as soon as it’s available.

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Fantastic slides - thank you!

    Any chances of making them available as a downloadable PDF ?

    That would be great.

  2. Thanks for speaking! I really enjoyed your presentation and I learned some ways to tackle forms that I didn’t think of before.

  3. I’m glad you both enjoyed it!

    I was a little dissatisfied with the conversion made by SlideShare, so I was planning to swap the ODP file for a PDF. I will post the link to download it once the conversion is done.

  4. The presentation you gave was really great! Thanks for sharing your expertise on the subject matter—I am actually a little “excited”… to try out some of your methods! There was a lot of stuff that I didn’t know and I am super excited that I got to see your presentation!

  5. For me, your talk was the highlight of WV:2007. I learned a lot, and I’ve already spiffed up a form on a site I maintain. Great stuff! What is the title of your forthcoming book from Friends of Ed? I missed getting that into my notes.

    • Allen
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  6. Wow. I am just so pleased that you all got so much from this session. From my travels and discussions with folks, I was beginning to get the feeling that forms were still an area in which most people really didn’t feel comfortable working. They were eager to learn, but not sure where to look, so I wanted to do something for them. Apparently, this session met that need (at least as much as it could in an hour). Thank you all so much for your feedback!

    @Tobie: I have re-posted the slides as a PDF (which means the conversion is a whole lot more accurate as well) and you can now download the PDF directly from SlideShare.

    @Allen: Really? The highlight? You’re too kind. The book you’re probably interested in is AdvancED DOM Scripting, though I have a contribution to the forthcoming Pro DOM Scripting with AJAX, APIs and Libraries as well. AdvancED is the one with the beefed-up <code class=“html”>select</code> replacement. Expect both this summer.

  7. Aaron, thanks for the PDF, that’s a lot nicer to look at.

  8. Wow, great presentation. I wish I had a chance to be there. Any plans on repeating this talk somewhere in Europe (in particular Denmark?)

    Thanks a lot for posting this :)

  9. @Jesper: I have plans to give this talk a few more times in the U.S. and Australia, but I don’t have any plans to bring it to Europe yet.

    If you know of any European conferences you think it would work nicely for (or if any of you conference organizers are reading and would like me to come give this talk at your event), please let me know. Most of my European-conference-organizing connections are in the UK, but I’d love to bring this talk to more of the world.

  10. Aaron, Thanks for your presentation on using CSS in forms. It was fantastic and much appreciated! You presented very professionally with excellent slides and content. I learned a bunch about forms from you. I don’t hate forms but they are a pain to throw into a page but with your approach I think some snippets based on your examples will help ease that pain.

    Any chance you can post your example code? You sent me one in email. I extracted (hand typed) the others from your slides but others may want easier access.

  11. Excellent presentation. Thanks. I would also like to download the example code. Can you make it available for download?

    • Erik
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  12. Thanks for sharing your expertise on the subject matter—I am actually a little “excited” to try out some of your methods…

  13. Excellent slideshow with plenty of information. Many thanks for actually taking the time to make this and to post it online.

    • Bob
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