Hackanooga registration is now open

In a world with universal, ultra high-speed networks, all our assumptions about the web can be reset. What kinds of apps can we build when data can travel as fast as it needs to and processing power is never a bottleneck? The GigCity is going to find out.

Join Mozilla, US Ignite and a crew of forward-thinking technologists September 14-16th for a weekend of innovation, coding and fun. Leveraging the power of Chattanooga’s Gigabit network, we’ll spend two days prototyping the apps of the future. And we’ll get a glimpse at the new experiences made possible by next-generation networks and our own ingenuity.

If you plan, build or design for the web, we want you! This is not a spectator sport, so plan to get your hands dirty.

What will happen?

Hackanooga is a participatory event focused on making and doing. We want running code, not just cool concepts. Less yak, more hack.

Over the course of two days we’ll code, collaborate and kick ass! We’ll eat pancake breakfasts, laugh over midnight marshmallows, and hack furiously into the wee hours. Hackanooga will provide you with meals, snacks, general merriment and even a place to nap over the course of the weekend, so you can focus on your team’s app.

At the end of the event, we’ll revel in the fruits of our collective handiwork and make plans to join forces again. Plus, prototypes created during the event could evolve into submissions to the Mozilla Ignite challenge, with $500,000 of seed money and mentorship available to help get the apps off the ground.

Up for the challenge?

Hack yes! What do I need to do?

Everyone is welcome, but space is limited, so sign-up early. If you’re interested in participating, please register at http://hackanooga-2012.eventbrite.com by Tuesday, August, 21, 2012. (We’re also offering a limited number of travel scholarships for out-of-town hackers. If you’re seeking travel support, please complete the appropriate application fields when you register.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have a team or an app idea; we’ll pair you up with a team based on your interests. We’ve partnered with organizations around Chattanooga to uncover potential projects in the areas of strategic growth, distance education, library technology, clean energy, government transparency, healthcare and public safety. We have an abundance of ideas and expert resources, now we just need you.

Additional event details are available on http://hackanooga-2012.eventbrite.com. Questions, comments or concerns about Hackanooga? Please email kelly@easy-designs.net.

For more, check out http://mozillaignite.org, http://www.thegigcity.com/, and http://us-ignite.org. If you have questions about the scholarship, the Mozilla Ignite challenge, or US Ignite, please email ignite@mozillafoundation.org.

We hope to see you there!

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