Web standards, sex partners & spam

I just got the best comment spam ever:

I’m very, very impressed that this sort of work is being done; Web Design is getting stagnant with people using just styled block-level elements to produce artwork. The incorporation of SVG into sites excites me a lot.

How long do you expect it will take for this sort of technology to be widespread?

Obviously you can only speak about WebKit realistically, but if it’s going to take ten years for IE Win to gain (full) support, we can’t design with it.

I’m amused by the “Becoming more important” line in the first paragraph. This has been a HUGE problem for years - ever since HTML-2.0 was introduced to be more of a layout language and less of a markup language. For an example, you just have to look at this site sex partners [link removed -ed.]. Why is all the text crammed over on the left side of the page with a big blank space on the right side?

Why is the default font tiny and unreadable? Fortunately most browsers now let you override the latter problem.

It is a little disjointed, but the fact that it mentions “block-level elements,” SVG, WebKit and (of course) “sex partners” is hysterical. Someone’s been paying attention in my training sessions.

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