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Finding quality talent is never a simple task. Being a small agency, we’ve primarily worked with a talented pool of awesome freelance designers and developers to “staff up” as needed for various projects. Most of our team members have been with us for years, but since our relocation to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2008, we’ve been very interested in growing a strong local team. Working remotely with people is good, but being able to walk over to someone’s desk to ask a question or get a spot check on something you built is priceless.

So here’s the deal: We are looking for two more talented folks to join the Easy team here in Chattanooga (the “next tech city”) full-time. The enviroment here is best suited for someone who is flexible, loves variety and is eager to produce quality work. At any given time, our work consists of: client production (for clients like wikiHow, EllisLab & Nichols College and on internal projects), training & consulting (for folks like Spectra Energy & the New York Times), electronic & physical publishing through our sister company Easy Readers, and event-based training through Retreats 4 Geeks. Our projects offer a variety of experience, encourage continued growth, and require a robust skill set.

If you’re the kind of person that thrives on a good challenge, read on…

Our ideal team members are:

  • excellent communicators;
  • fun to be around & have a good sense of humor;
  • detail-oriented to the point of being a little OCD;
  • not afraid to fail quickly and often;
  • passionate about their work;
  • eager to share what they know via speaking, training, and writing; and
  • dedicated to making the web better.

From a technical perfective, here’s what we’re looking for:

Front-end Gal/Guy

We’re expecting this team member to:

  • know HTML & CSS like it’s her/his mother tongue;
  • understand the importance of semantics;
  • be passionate about progressive enhancement;
  • get excited by the opportunities of mobile;
  • grok adaptive layouts, media queries & mobile-first;
  • be a competant JavaScript programmer (jQuery is ok); and
  • understand the importance of optimization (images, JS, etc.).

It would be awesome if this team member:

  • is comfortable working with version control (e.g. Git);
  • has made open source contributions;
  • can program in JavaScript without the aid of a library;
  • understands how to optimize JavaScript for performance;
  • can also program on the server-side (PHP, Node, Python/Django); and/or
  • is familiar with ExpressionEngine.

Back-end Gal/Guy

We’re expecting this team member to:

  • know and love PHP;
  • be comfortable in at least one other server-side language (Node, Python, Ruby);
  • be familiar with server-side MVC frameworks (CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Django, Rails, etc.);
  • program in JavaScript without the aid of a library;
  • live and breathes SQL (especially MySQL);
  • know the ins and outs of ExpressionEngine (1 and 2);
  • use Git daily; and
  • understand the importance of optimization.

It would be awesome if this team member also:

  • has written ExpressionEngine add-ons;
  • has made open source contributions;
  • understands how to optimize programs for performance;
  • can write shell scripts; and
  • can do a little light server maintenance.

If you think you’re a good match for either of these positions, please email contact [at] easy-designs [dot] net with the subject “Hire me” and tell us why you’d be perfect for either one (or both) of these jobs. Be sure to include your contact info, Twitter handle and links to your work and/or code samples.

We can’t wait to meet you!

UPDATE 2012-07-19: These two positions have been pre-qualified for Chattanooga’s GeekMove program, meaning that if you relocate here to work for us and you buy a house, you would qualify could receive a $10,000 forgivable second mortgage and $1,250 for relocation expenses. Talk about a sweet bonus!

UPDATE 2012-07-21: Please note that these jobs are in the United States and we are not able to sponsor non-U.S. citizens with an H1B visa.

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