We’re back (sort of)

After making a ridiculously stupid mistake by axing the server that hosted this blog (without checking that I had actually moved it to the new server and without making sure I had a backup of the DB), Easy! Reader is back. Sort of. Thankfully, I had a backup from late ‘06 and I haven’t been an incredibly prolific blogger in the time since that backup. And, thanks to the Internet Archive, it looks like we should be able to recover all but one article (my last post, from about a year ago) from the ether. It may take a little time, but we should have it all up in the next few weeks.

So what’s going on? Well, a lot.

For one, we’ve relocated from New Haven, CT to Chattanooga, TN after being urged to visit by Mr. Shaun Inman and his lovely bride Leslie and falling in love with this awesome city. We made the move in August of last year and, after spending a few months in an apartment, have bought a house and will be moving in this weekend. Chattanooga is an amazing place. There’s always something going on, it has a wonderful art scene and tech community, and is nestled in the mountains, right along the Tennessee River. It has many of the perks of Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA (other cities we considered moving to), but at 1/4-1/3 the cost. I couldn’t ask for a better place to live.

Since relocating, Easy! Designs has also been growing. We’ve taken on two interns – Matt Turnure and Sean McCarthy – and have been joined full-time by both Dave Stewart (who I had previously worked with in CT) and Matt Harris (an excellent developer from the UK), so expect to be hearing from them on this site soon as well. In addition to our client work, we’ve been busily coding away on a few products of our own that should hopefully see the light of day in the coming year. We’re also working on a relaunch of our own website and this blog.

Finally, there’s eCSStender. I’ve been working on this project for ages and it’s currently in a closed beta. Things are progressing smoothly on its development though and I expect it will be ready for its initial public release in the coming weeks.

Anyway, that’s the nickel tour of the changes. I apologize profusely for rendering this blog pretty useless with my error, but hopefully we’ll have it all back up and running shortly.

PS - If you happen to have an archive of my blog post on IE8 Standards Mode, please forward a copy of it to me. I can’t seem to find it even though it appears to be somewhere in the Google Cache.

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