I finally got around to reading Chris Wilson’s post about standards support in IE7 and I have to admit I am more than a little giddy. Working for an ad agency, most clients (and the majority of my coworkers) have not gotten the whole Web Standards thing, mostly because they only use IE. I can’t express how much relief I feel that IE7 is going to fall in line with most of the other browsers out there with regard to standards support.

Improvements of particular note are alpha transparency in PNGs and support for <abbr>s. When it comes to CSS, a whole host of bugs/issues have been fixed (mostly culled from Quirksmode and Position is Everything). I am left with two nagging questions, however:

  1. Will the * html CSS hack still be supported in IE7 or will that be phased out so * html only affects IE6 and below?
  2. Has the DOM interface been upgraded so we can run more powerful scripts in IE7?

Overall, I think this is a huge step forward. I have to hand it to Chris, the IE team and WaSP’s Microsoft Corporation Task Force for making this all a reality. A very hearty thank you goes out to all of you, you made my year.

UPDATE: A recent blog entry on IE Blog has informed us that the * html selector will not be supported by IE7 in “strict” mode.

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